Exhibitor Tips and Best Practices

Before the Show:

      • Review the Exhibitor Services Manual from GES to arrange shipments and order booth related items.  It contains information to help keep you stress-free at the show.
      • Prepare 3-6 engaging questions to ask customers.
      • Determine your main message.  Make it a single, memorable statement.
      • Pack a supply box with things like scissors, tape, paper clips, business cards, and other supplies.
      • Visit your booth like an attendee would, and note your impression/experience.

During the Show:

      • Establish a dress code for your staff – avoid things like shorts and flip flops.  It they look professional, they will act it, and better represent your company.
      • Have open body language.  People can read attitude and closed body language.
      • Stand in your booth, don’t sit.
      • Always greet people with a genuine smile and show enthusiasm for your product/service.
      • Keep your booth neat and clean.  Store excess materials under the draped table or behind the curtain.
      • Set up your booth so people can enter it.  Don’t just sit behind a table.
      • Have a prize drawing or contest to get people to your booth.  This gives you an opportunity to gather names for you database.
      • Give away a promotional item that they can use at the show such as luggage tags, hand sanitizer, customized notepads, or other items.
      • Offer food or beverage in your booth (must be purchased through GWCC).
      • Do not chew gum or eat at your booth.  Breath mints are always a good idea.
      • Remember to ask questions instead of just giving a sales pitch.
      • Try the 80/20 rule – 80% listening, 20% talking.  Those who listen more tend to have greater success.
      • Staff your booth at all times.
      • Appeal to attendee’s FIVE senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, sound.
      • Host a demonstration of your product/service in your booth.
      • Make notes in the lead retrieval app or on business cards about prospects to remember them better, and be able to give more personalized follow up.
      • Do not close or leave your exhibit space early.

 After the Show:

      • Follow up in a timely manner with personalized correspondence.
      • Prioritize your follow up by category – hot leads, strong prospects, possible customers
      • Thank attendees during your follow up correspondence.